Superman: He’s Not A Dick About It

There was always something about the Superman myth that really appealed to me. So you have this essentially alien creature who looks like a human & acts like a human and fits seamlessly into human society. But he’s actually a god. He has godlike powers, but he chooses to use them for the benefit of humankind.

Also, he’s not a dick about it. I mean think about it: Superman could have really been a dick about it. He could have been a bully. He could have been a dictator; Dictator of the World. But instead, he’s just trying to be this guy, this super-guy that helps people without seeking reward or notoriety.


And that’s really the essential core at the heart of a lot of these Savior/Superman/Benevolent Super-Guy myths: he’s not a dick about it.*

*To be clear, I originally wrote this before Man Of Steel came out. He ended up being a little bit of a dick.