Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies” Video Has Killed “Conspiracy Culture” Forever


You know: “Conspiracy Culture.” That’s a mainstream version of online “fringe” culture, with talk of secret societies, evil all-seeing eyes, some aliens, some gentle touches of flat earth theory, and so on and so on.

Pop-star Justin Timberlake’s video for his new song “Supplies” is chock full of this “Conspiracy Culture” symbolism. And reduced to its most basic, commercial, heavy-handed elements…this symbolism has now effectively been neutered and rendered safe for perhaps an “Illuminati Barbie” or “Conspiracy Pyramid Balloon” at the next Thanksgiving Parade.

Don’t get me wrong: I feel Timberlake was well-intentioned. I want to “fight the Power” as well. I support the Me Too movement. I do not want to be enslaved to a talking lizard in an Armani suit.

It’s the “Illuminati”…GET IT?

But good God…this video is the most…shallow…commercial…devoid of “teeth” assemblage of any number of contemporary current events topics I’ve ever seen.

The image of Timberlake sitting in front of a dozen flickering TV scenes showing various outrages. Setting the big Illuminati Pyramid on fire. The “lost children” after the Apocalypse, one with a dirt-smeared face looking at the camera and telling us to “wake up, sheeple.”

And in the middle…Timberlake trying to “get” with some girl. Just because.

Timberlake finds time between being an anti-NWO warrior for some romance.

I love me some Timberlake…but when is the last time he has lived in the Regular People World? I don’t like Trump…but how is this going to concretely help anything? It’s like that episode of SNL I watched from last weekend, where I had to shut it off halfway because the politics were SO HEAVY-HANDED that it absolutely stopped being enjoyable…or even an engaging sort of “uncomfortable.”

Also: many of the people who are “keyed in” to this Illuminati symbolism? Love Trump. They still think the problem is Hillary’s emails. So even on that account, this video misses the mark.

Look! Look! Timberlake just defeated the Illuminati! I heard he’s going to quit his record label next and stop supporting Corporate America…wait, he ISN’T going to do that?!

It’s just kind of dangerous when you take contemporary current events that are really important and worth having a public discussion about and sort of…just use them as backdrops for your video about how woke you are and how you’re gonna “get” with this girl. You render these things…ineffectual, like topics for a window display at The Gap.

this dude holy shit.jpg
*this* dude holy shit

Lastly, the scene in the beginning with the albino alligators strutting down Broadway and the mime wearing the gun necklace…that almost made me pee. So if you are watching the video, beware of that type of reaction.