Now We Know Why Gal Godot Probably Backed Out Of Presenting That Award To Brett Ratner


Eyebrows were raised when Gal Gadot backed out from presenting the Tree Of Life award to director Brett Ratner at a Jewish National Fund dinner last Sunday. A spokesperson for the dinner said the actress cited scheduling conflicts with her Justice League promo tour, and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins stepped in instead to give Ratner the award.

But in light of the blockbuster article from the LA Times in which six women accused Ratner of sexual harassment and misconduct, everything is starting to come a little more into focus.

Of course, there is no confirmation that Gadot had her own problems in the past with Ratner, who co-produced both Wonder Woman and Justice League. We also don’t know if somebody tipped Gadot off that the LA Times was already working on this article, and that she wanted to avoid appearing in an event that “wouldn’t age well” post-revelations.

But there is this October 13 Instagram post from Gadot, condemning sexual harassment:


She first informed the dinner’s organizers on the 19th that she probably wouldn’t make the dinner due to “scheduling conflicts.” Coincidence?

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