Kevin Spacey Cites Bad Memory, Drinking Alcohol, Being Gay And Other Excuses In Response To Anthony Rapp


It was like a scene out of Kevin Spacey’s hit show House Of Cards. In response to Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp’s recent claim that the older actor had made sexual advances on him when Rapp was only 14 years old, Spacey posted a self-serving “apology” on Twitter—and tried to change the official media narrative to a heartwarming story about “coming out.”

And the media initially fell for it! No wonder Frank Underwood is president.


Spacey immediately “flipped the narrative” in his tweeted message by making it ALL about him…not Rapp: “I’m beyond horrified to hear of this story.” Spacey, like many sociopaths, makes himself the victim.

He also wrote that he “doesn’t remember” the encounter with the then 14-year-old actor, but that “if” he did those things, he owes him an apology. In short a classic “nopology.”


Spacey then blamed being drunk for the event he claimed not to remember…and then flipped the narrative by “coming out” as a gay man. By making the whole second paragraph of the “nopology” about his coming out, he hands the media a much more “palatable” news story: actor Kevin Spacey goes public as a gay man.


The pity is: after years of rumors about Spacey being gay—and a 1997 Esquire article in which he basically said he was gay—the only time he chose to really “come out” completely was in response to pedophilia accusations. And by twinning those two factors—homosexuality and child abuse—he put the gay community at a serious disadvantage; and believe me, they noticed!

Openly-gay comedian and co-star of Difficult People Billy Eichner wrote, “I hesitate to make jokes because the Spacey statement is truly disgusting, irresponsible and dangerous.”

Zachary Quinto tweeted:

“It is deeply sad and troubling that this is how Kevin Spacey has chosen to come out. Not by standing up as a point of pride—in the light of all his many awards and accomplishments thus inspiring tens of thousands of struggling LGBTQ kids around the world [-] but as a calculated manipulation to deflect attention from the very serious accusation that he attempted to molest one.”

And George Takei was similarly not impressed with Spacey’s “nopology”: “Men who improperly harass or assault do not do so because they are gay or straight—that is a deflection.”

Nevertheless, mainstream media outlets such as ABC and Reuters initially seemed to ignore or downplay Rapp’s story, framing it as Spacey’s brave “coming out” journey. Here is the original ABC News headline:


No mention of the fact that he was just accused of child abuse. (that headline has since been changed following outcry)

But Spacey thought everyone was still playing by “Old Hollywood” rules: he flips the narrative, gets the PR peeps out there, the studios pressure the media, and everything is “all better.”

However, Spacey—with other allegations against him possibly forthcoming—is going to get a rude awakening.