Some Thoughts About Corey Feldman


Following the announcement of former child actor Corey Feldman’s fundraising campaign to possibly make a movie about Corey Haim and possibly expose child abuse in the entertainment industry, a flood of thinkpieces and stinkpieces have appeared criticizing him.

Among those on the anti-Feldman bandwagon is his late buddy Haim’s mom, who basically calls him a charlatan and casts doubt on the scope of pedophilia in Hollywood.

So here is what I think–

Do I believe that Feldman, without a very strong and trustworthy business partner, is going to put those projected millions of fundraised dollars to effective use towards his stated goals? No. I’ve seen this situation many times before, with far more modest sums—and no matter how well-intentioned the person, a lot of it often ends up being used for basic life expenses in order to survive. (which I’m personally fine with, if the person is sort of in dire straits anyway…but not everybody is going to be cool with that)

Do I believe that Feldman is very troubled? Yeah. I believe he became fucked up by his abuse experiences as a child actor, never got appropriate and effective treatment for it, and is in some ways living out his life as if he was still a teenager. Because he’s spending the rest of his life looking for that childhood he was robbed of; though of course that childhood can never truly be regained.

Do I believe Feldman is trying to rip people off, and/or is not sincere? No, though he seems to have a lot of problems & that will probably complicate the situation.

Do I believe that Feldman is making his claimed abuse up? No. He gave the info to the police in 1993 and they did nothing.

Do I believe pedophiles exist in Hollywood? Yes. 

Do I believe him when he says he thinks he is being targeted for death over threatening to expose these abusers, etc? I believe he has been threatened to some degree, though I think it is mixed with his own paranoia that he carries with himself because of his abuse experiences.

Here’s the thing—it’s much easier for people to destroy somebody like Feldman through the media than by outright killing him. Destruction through Media really is the preferred weapon of choice in today’s society. And I think that is already happening to him, and I question whether strong enough to withstand that.

So people can say: he is the “wrong” spokesperson for investigating child abuse in Hollywood. But who is the “right” person, then? Who is coming forward? How many child actors have destroyed themselves in Hollywood? How many grow up and say, “incidentally,” that they were sexually abused?

One only needs to look at how depraved things got with the Weinstein case—and the decades-long “lock” on silence—to see the dilemma here.

Also, for someone to say Feldman is the “wrong” type of victim…do you know how fucked up that sounds? He’s not running for fucking president (though that phrase, over the last few years, has certainly lost its potency).

Corey Feldman was extremely messed up by his experiences in Hollywood. Will his story now end with his vindication? I really don’t know.