Kathy Griffin Has Officially Run Out of F**ks To Give


I wasn’t 100% “down” with her “bloody Donald Trump head” photo earlier this year, but I don’t think it should mean the end of Kathy Griffin’s career…let alone, be something the government bothers themselves with investigating…let alone, be reason for her to get doxxed and her dying sister to receive death threats for.

Let alone, she shouldn’t have to be putting out a “if something happens to me, this is my final testament” YouTube video; but Griffin did just that, calling out such peeps as her former boss Andy Cohen, Harvey Levin from TMZ, and old favorite Lisa Bloom.

Urging that people make copies of the video before it gets taken down from YouTube, she started the video playing a recent voice mail from Levin—leaving in his personal phone number. Griffin went on to accuse Levin of being a personal friend/media liaison of Donald Trump who made a special effort to trash her on his gossip site. Former Harvey Weinstein attorney Bloom was also cited as being “in bed” with the Harvey Levins of the world.

She then moved on to Cohen, who she claims was a “miserable boss,” and had offered her cocaine on one occasion. Next, she called out a number of women in the industry she said were “complicit” with her harassment.

Griffin also touched on the death threats she and her family have received after her “Donald Trump” photo shoot, as well as the fact that she is currently on the Interpol List and was at one point also on the “No Fly” list. She is about to embark on an international tour, she explained, and some are concerned that she will be detained during her travels. Towards the end of the video she said that if anything happened to her on the tour, this video would explain why.

Kathy Griffin, who was fired from her annual New Year’s Eve gig by CNN (to be replaced with Andy Cohen natch), had one final person to call out on her video—Jeff Zucker, head of CNN.

Perez Hilton, in response to the video, claimed Griffin “would never work in this town again”—but in an industry where apparently not allowing your producer or director to force oral sex on you or feel up your genitals could end your career forever, what “punch” does a threat like that have anymore?

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