The Great Big Mouth/BoJack Horseman Nick Kroll/Will Arnett Conspiracy Theory.

I’ve been sitting on this one ever since I watched all of the new Netflix animated series Big Mouth several days ago—and now I feel like I’ve been ENLIGHTENED as to all the secrets of the Universe!

Because I believe that Big Mouth is really Nick Kroll’s revenge on his former girlfriend Amy Poelher’s ex-husband Will Arnett. Let me explain.

We start with that other Netflix animated series, BoJack Horseman. Will Arnett is the executive producer/star of BoJack Horseman, and I believe it incorporates little bits from his own life—including BoJack’s ex, Princess Carolyn, who I think is based in part on Arnett’s ex-wife Poehler.


Poehler started dating comedian Nick Kroll after she divorced Arnett. Princess Carolyn dated Vincent Adultman—a “man” who is literally, three kids in a trenchcoat. Vincent Adultman=the relatively short & youthful-looking Kroll.

Seeking revenge on Arnett for insinuating that he was really three kids in a trenchcoat, Kroll goes on to executive produce/write/star in Big Mouth, featuring a literally “horny” Hormone Monster (with a flaccid penis for a nose) that he voices with a pitch-perfect impression of Will Arnett.

I mean really: go listen to that character and tell me that isn’t a dead-ringer vocally for Arnett.

According to my conspiracy theory, Kroll purposely based the Hormone Monster on his perception of Arnett as animated revenge for Vincent Adultman—and probably residual resentment against him in general.

DRAMA!!!!!!!!!! (Now if there is only a way to get Netflix’s Neo Yokio involved in the feud…)