I’m glad all this stuff is coming out now about people like Harvey Weinstein etc…but my viewpoint of the entertainment industry as a whole has become *so bleak*, bleaker than I thought was possible. I watch some of these films and TV shows and think that behind the making of them was all this negativity and exploitation.

But you can go back through the history of cinema itself and find these types of stories. A 12-year-old Shirley Temple was flashed by an exec who was the Associate Producer on The Wizard Of Oz, in his office—that’s according to her memoir Child Star. Temple just sort of laughed nervously and didn’t give “the mating signal” (I guess), and was thrown out of this angry guy’s office.


**So we have the embodiment of cinematic children being crudely sexually propositioned by a person who worked on the embodiment of children’s cinema.**

An-Open-Secret-poster.jpgAnd then you have a legitimate documentary like An Open Secret—made by Amy J. Berg, whose film Deliver Us From Evil won Best Documentary Award at the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival—about child abuse in Hollywood, and *nobody* wanted to carry or represent this movie because everybody in Hollywood was afraid. So now the producers of the film have been offering it to view free on Vimeo, in support of Harvey Weinstein’s victims.

So I don’t know, folks…you ask yourself, why is Hollywood having such a shitty time right now at the box-office? Why are these B-type horror movies beating out all these “prestige” blockbuster films? Why is Warner Bros. pulling Blade Runner: 2049 early from theaters? Why is IT one of the best-performing movies of 2017?

It’s because the public has, at least subconsciously, largely lost faith in this illusion of Hollywood’s “greatness.” The rot is beginning to show too much. And the only movies that seem to really show “the truth” are…you guessed it, HORROR MOVIES!
And what is the plot for “IT?” The movie is about a lurking evil terrorizing children, an evil that adults are in mass-denial about.


Now go look at all these recent stories coming out about Weinstein, Polanski, those movie review dudes, and so on. What is the central theme of these stories? That there was a “lurking evil” terrorizing people, and the industry was in mass-denial about it.