Further Alamo Revelations, Or, “Why I’m No Longer Buying From Mondo”


The last item I purchased from Mondo was a t-shirt from the movie Full Metal Jacket. It was of the character “Private Joker,” who spends most of the movie sort of staring in increasing horror at the bullshit that unfolds around him.

Mondo is a “movie collectibles” company which is an off-shoot of Alamo Drafthouse. I am the the key demographic—it would seem—for Mondo’s products, which in addition to shirts include special edition vinyl records and the like.

When I heard that Alamo Drafthouse—the same Alamo Drafthouse which sponsored, to great acclaim, all-female “safe spaces” for the Wonder Woman screenings—secretly employed accused sexual assaulter Devin Faraci, I ripped the Mondo sticker off my laptop. It’s one thing to harbor somebody who’s done wrong. It’s a whole fucking other issue to so boldly reap social justice points for being such good “feminists” while doing so.

But this shit with Harry Knowles is really the shit frosting on the shit cake. Allegedly the founder of Aint It Cool News had sexually assaulted an Alamo employee 17 years ago; when the woman reported the incident to Alamo, she was just advised to stay away from Knowles in the future. Alamo continued their relationship with Knowles.

Since this person came forward, other women have shared their creepy experiences with Knowles. And men who know the scene have also confirmed to me personally the movie blogger’s bad reputation.

In fact, three of the site’s key writers jumped ship very shortly after these public revelations—which really makes you wonder. If you had a longtime working relationship/friendship with a person and suddenly these types of allegations were made about him…I would think that normally, you’d wait a bit before cutting ties…you’d want to get more facts…I mean this is your friend/employer…you don’t just leave like that…

UNLESS, those revelations confirmed shit you secretly suspected all along.

Anyway, I’ll never buy another Mondo item again. I could say that I’ll never buy a Mondo item until I have an assurance that Alamo has really changed…but folks, I’m too old and I’ve seen too much shit and I just don’t believe it anymore. Sorry. You can’t force empathy or enlightenment on people. It’s either there or it’s not. And I’m actually absolutely fine with these places being one big “boy’s club” if they just “own” it and admit it. Don’t lure women in with this false sense of security and take their money and then secretly do all this bullshit.

No matter what movies I like, no matter what I buy, no matter what I write, no matter how much I share the same fandom and tastes and favorite movies with these people: I know exactly what I am to them. And that is the fucking bottom line here.

The very first fan movie review site I ever read was Aint It Cool News. It was, at the time, very influential on me. So how do I fit that in with what I know now?

You know, I don’t really relate to “geek girl” fan culture. It’s not really a place for me either. So I’m just going to be a maverick and go it alone. At the end of the day, it’s the movies—not this collector’s record bullshit or the t-shirts or the film festivals or the studio swag or the clubs or any of this other shit. It is me in a room with the film, and then what I think of it. The end. I just don’t give a fuck anymore.

But I also won’t buy anything from Mondo.



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