“The Accountant” Director To Helm “Suicide Squad 2”


The fast-tracked sequel to Suicide Squad 2 just got a directorThe Accountant‘s Gavin O’Connor.

Mel Gibson and Guy Ritchie were both considered for the job earlier in the year (those would have been some interesting choices), and The Shallows director Jaume Collet-Serra was the frontrunner during the summer until he took on Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

Meanwhile, the original Suicide Squad‘s director, David Ayer, is developing Gotham City Sirens, which features Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and other female Batman villains.

The Accountant pulled in decent critical reviews and box-office—as well as having the most tangental of all connections to the current Batman cinematic universe (via its star Ben Affleck)—and so one would assume both that Suicide Squad is in good hands and that Warner Bros. has faith in O’Connor (who is also set to direct The Accountant sequel).

Suicide Squad 2 is not yet scheduled, but reports are that Warner Bros. is keen to release it as soon as possible to free up Robbie and Jared Leto for the as of yet untitled “Joker & Harley” movie.

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