“Friends” Protest In Israel Insists: “They Were On A Break!”


About a hundred young protesters holding signs recently congregated in Israel’s Rabin Square to back up Ross Geller, who rightly pointed out that he and Rachel agreed they were on a break.

The cult TV show Friends is a big hit in Israel, and the “joke protest” started getting coordinated on the Facebook page “Am;lek” (which is the Hebrew version of “tl;dr”). Explained one protester:

“This is a demonstration for freedom; for the sons of Israel who left Egypt to watch “Friends” to find out that Rachel is angry with Ross because he was with somebody else while they were on a break!”

In the famous storyline, the characters Ross and Rachel decide to take “a break” from their relationship; Ross believes that this meant they could sleep with other people, but Rachel didn’t. This results in a grand recurring philosophical debate along the lines of Schrödinger’s cat and Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

An administrator of the Facebook “Am;lek” page, perhaps slightly horrified by the fact that people actually showed up with signs to protest the “break,” had this to say:

“I can’t believe people actually came here. They should go home. There’s nothing to do here, really, this isn’t really a demonstration. It was a joke.”

Buuuut…this is the Internet.