Quick Take: The James Cameron/Patty Jenkins Kerfuffle


This is not so much of a post about what Avatar director James Cameron recently said about the Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman movie, or arguing any of the points relating to it. But this is more just to ask: why did Cameron feel the need to get involved in a public dissing match over this film?

Cameron directed Aliens, Terminator 2 and Titanic; he directed Avatar, which was one of the highest-grossing movies of all time; in terms of his place in the history of cinema, he’s doing great. He doesn’t need to talk smack about Wonder Woman; all it does is make him look petty and out-of-touch. Also: it makes Cameron look like he’s picking on Jenkins specifically (the inference being because she is a female director with a successful film), which are terrible optics.

Mind you: I’m not saying Cameron did say these things about Wonder Woman (that it featured an “an objectified icon” and was “a step backward”) because Jenkins is a woman, or that there isn’t the smallest kernel of truth to what he (somewhat clumsily) said.

But it comes across in the public perception as largely being a dick move (Goliath vs. David, basically), one that he truly gets NO benefit from making; and the response from Jenkins, in which she pretty much infers (in the nicest way possible) that he is exactly that out-of-touch individual who doesn’t understand women, solidifies the impression that Cameron was being a douche.

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