Popular Joss Whedon Fansite Shuts Down


Whedonesque, the prominent fan site dedicated to director Joss Whedon, announced on Monday that it is closing down after 15 years. While there was no indication on the part of Whedonesque that the site closing has anything to do with the damning essay penned by Whedon ex-wife Kai Cole that was published yesterday at The Wrap…the timing seems more than merely coincidental.

The site published this as their August 21 update:

So farewell then. 15 years is a long time and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge. But now it’s time to say goodbye. No more threads after this one, we’re closing down. The site will at some stage become a read only site.

Cole accused “Avengers” director Whedon of cheating on her during their 15 years of marriage and using her as a “shield” to retain his “feminist” image.

Whedonesque owner Caroline van Oosten de Boer did not rule out Cole’s post as a factor in her decision to shutter the site, but also said that she had been “toying with” the idea for several years now.

In what might have also been a reference to the controversy, van Oosten de Boer also tweeted the following last night:


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