Can An Adult Website Save “Sense8”?


It’s one of the weirdest offers to save a cancelled show I think I’ve ever heard of.

Fans were devastated when the groundbreaking Wachowskis TV series Sense8 was suddenly axed by Netflixand offering a 2-hour movie to try to wrap everything up did little to comfort them. But now adult website xHamster might save the day.


xHamster just posted an open letter to the Wachowskis offering to pick up season 3 and possibly beyond (you read the letter, which is on the xHamster site, through a link in this TV Guide article; I have enough problems).

Citing their “long history of fighting for the rights of sexual speech and non-normative sexuality,” as well as their self-described status as “one of the most trafficked sites on the internet,” xHamster claims they are an ideal company for the Wachowskis to partner with in order to make Season 3 of Sense8 happen.


Among other things, Sense8 has been acclaimed for its portrayal of LGBT characters and themes—which is maybe why xHamster thought it would be a good fit. But of course, just because you are LGBT or interested in watching a show about LGBT people doesn’t necessarily mean you are cool about visiting a porn site to watch your show.

But in this brand new world of streaming, internet-based original television programming, is it only a matter of time before xHamster or another adult website produces their own hit series?

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