Trailer: Mitchell And Webb In “Back”


I’ve decided that I’m going to cover British TV here—I mean…outside of Doctor Who—because I really like it & it’s my site so what the fuck.

I am MAD about David Mitchell and Robert Webb—you know, Peep Show, The Mitchell Webb Look, Magicians, their radio stuff, etc. So I am as pleased as FUCK for this new comedy from Channel 4: Back:

Stephen’s father, a local legend and pub landlord, has died so Stephen is set to – finally – take over the pub. Mum Ellen and sister Cass have no interest in the family business – they’re ‘creative’, with weed to buy and energy-centres to rebalance.

With his dad dead, it’s now Stephen’s chance to shine – his only achievements so far have been marriage (followed by divorce) and a slightly disappointing pub refurb. But when the charming Andrew turns up out of the blue at his dad’s funeral, Stephen’s plans go awry.

It feels very much like Step Brothers—seems to have, based on the trailer, even a bit more edge to it than Peep Show (maybe).

Back is scheduled to launch this Fall. I’m not sure where in America you would be able to view it, though I would recommend the BritBox streaming service, which has a top-notch selection of current (very) and classic (read: classic Who) shows for a pretty reasonable monthly price. And then here is a link to search Mitchell Webb on YouTube, really look up their work and check them out.

The trailer for Back is below:

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