Hunger Games And Twilight Theme Park To Open In South Korea


The Twilight franchise may no longer be the New Hotness, and Hunger Games is still popular but certainly not enough to open up a theme park or anything. However, in South Korea both properties are still super-big, and yes—a gigantic outdoor theme park devoted to Twilight and Hunger Games is being built there.

Lionsgate Movie World will be 1.3 million square feet devoted to seven “movie zones”—each zone dedicated to a specific Lionsgate film. In addition to Twilight & Hunger Games, the movie Now You See Me will also be represented (which is odd to me, but maybe that small franchise is big in Korea as well), as well as a zone dedicated to the studio’s upcoming Robin Hood project.

Much like the proposed Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi and Star Wars Land theme parks, Lionsgate Movie World will present immersive “environments” from the films that patrons can enjoy.

Lionsgate Movie World will be built as an extension of Jeju Shinhwa World, one of South Korea’s largest resorts; construction begins 2018 with a 2019 launch date.