Joel McHale In Talks For “Quantum And Woody” TV Series


It seems like the role wisecracking Joel McHale (Community) was born to play—wisecracking Woody Henderson from the cult Valiant Entertainment comic book Quantum and Woody.

The Wrap exclusively reports that McHale—who most recently starred in the TV series The Great Indoors, as well as appeared in the X-Files revival—is in talks to play Woody in a new action/comedy television series helmed by the Russo Brothers.

The show would revolve around unconventional superheroes (and polar opposites) Woody and his straitlaced adoptive brother Eric, on the trail of their father’s killer. Though they bicker, they’re also connected by the energy bands that provide their powers—powers that will kill them unless they “klang” the bands together every 24 hours.


Of course, McHale and the Russo brothers teamed up in Community Season 4 (dubbed the “gas leak” season), and the latter also directed episodes of Arrested Development and the last two Captain America movies. So one would imagine that in the hands of the Russos—and McHale—Quantum and Woody should be a hit.

Of course, who will play Quantum???

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