Was The Tick Costume Revised To Look More Like The 2001 Version?


If you are a fan of comics and/or “geek culture,” you probably remember the short-lived but much beloved 2001 The Tick TV series starring Patrick Warburton. Despite its short run (1 season), that series gives the new Tick from Amazon some very big blue shoes to fill.

That’s why I find the change in hue and texture of the Tick from Amazon’s pilot to the one in the actual series quite interesting…

As we see in this pic, the original costume for Amazon’s Tick (played by Peter Serafinowicz) was very textured (sort of like that “Spider-Man”-type mesh thing) and a light blue:


But the costume for the actual series shows a far darker blue color and a much smoother texture:


Making the new Tick costume very much like…


A related observation is that, based on the trailer for the regular series (launching August 25th on Amazon), it might be a bit more comedic than the relatively dark and paranoid (think Mr. Robot) pilot.

Did the producers consciously make a decision to pull back on the drama and make this new series be more like the 2001 version? (or the 1994 cartoon version, for that matter)? Or are highly-textured superhero costumes (think the surface of a basketball with acne) just no longer in style?

Check out the latest trailer to see more Tick goodness: