William Shatner Slays In This “Batman Vs. Two-Face” Trailer


Can I tell you how excited I am that William Shatner is voicing Harvey Dent in Batman Vs. Two-Face, the latest animated movie with Adam West and Burt Ward?

I’m super-excited. It’s like if Shatner, when he was starring in the original Star Trek, guest-starred in the actual 1960s Batman TV-series. Dent looks just like Shatner, too:


Watching the trailer for the movie, which debuts on DVD and Blu-ray October 17th, I had to wonder if it was going to be considerably more serious than the 2016 Return Of The Caped Crusaders (which itself wasn’t nearly as campy as the original TV series). No matter how you slice it, the Two-Face story tends to be more of a dramatic bit (Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever aside).

The film also has some extra weight to it in the sense that it’s Adam West’s final performance as the role he made famous—The Batman.


Well, seriously—I can’t wait to see it and watch Shatner have a ball chewing up the scenery as a crazy Harvey Dent/Two-Face!

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