First Images Of Josh Brolin As Cable In “Deadpool 2” Revealed


Is this how you pictured Cable would look like on the big screen? Ryan Reynolds recently shared on Twitter the first image of Josh Brolin as the famous X-Force comic book hero from the upcoming Deadpool 2:


I think it’s a pretty good live-action adaptation of a character who was best-known as drawn in a highly-stylized way (specifically by Rob Liefeld).


Cable, drawn by Rob Liefeld

I think that to try to ape the exact look from the comics—which tended to be kind of super-muscular and bulky—would have almost seemed like a parody.

Granted, the “Deadpool” films are supposed to be somewhat funny anyway, but I think there is also a sort of “grit” about them that Brolin’s look fits right in with.

Not to be outdone by Mr. Reynolds, Josh Brolin later posted a picture of himself in costume as Cable on Instagram—and again, while Brolin is no 100-pound weakling, he’s going for lean-and-mean rather than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime.


a handy comparative guide

The only thing that weirds me out is…Brolin’s still playing Thanos in Infinity War, no? WEIRD CROSSOVER!!!!

Plus, Brolin also played the comic character Jonah Hex…so it’s like comic book triple-play!


What would be next?


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