The Thing And The Invisible Woman Get Hitched


Probably Jamie Bell and Kate Mara don’t appreciate being called “The Thing and the Invisible Woman,” it may bring up memories of the 2015 critical and commercial superhero movie flop Fantastic Four. On the other hand, since they just got married in a surprise ceremony over the weekend…maybe something good came out of the film?

I hasten to add the disclaimer that I haven’t actually seen Fantastic Four, outside of clips and like the Nostalgia Critic review and stuff like that. I usually have a stronger stomach for a lot of movies others really hate (a.k.a. the Transformers franchise), so the jury is still out for me on this.


However, the Bell/Mara nuptials reminded me of that of Green Lantern co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively…and, well, Daredevil co-stars Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, for that matter. What is it about meh movies that drive co-stars to shack up?

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