Why Resident Evil Is Set For A Reboot And 6 More Films


Let me start this post by saying that I’ve always loved the first Resident Evil movie. I thought it was, and is, seriously underrated; probably “tainted” for critics by its status as a video game adaptation. (The second one was horrendous)

But as I watched the trailer for the sixth movie in the franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, I could not help but think: “do we really need any more of these?” Was yet another Resident Evil really necessary?

Well apparently to someone, somewhere, with a lot of cash…yes. Yes, it is. In fact, plans have just been revealed to reboot the entire franchise with another six-picture spread.



Well, the fact that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter just earned a staggering $70 million dollars at the Chinese box-office after only two days was probably figured into the mix.

Look, these mega-franchises are not made for a small coterie of “cultivated” fans and cinema geeks…anymore. You know, like 5-10 years ago you could have definitely said that. But not now.

Now, it’s about global box-office potential. And the Resident Evil franchise has proven that—earning $1.2 billion worldwide to date.

And that’s it: six more Resident Evil films. Just like that.