Gorillaz To Appear In New Animated Series


Perhaps it was inevitable that the Gorillaz, a “virtual band” created in 1998 by artist Jamie Hewlett and Blur’s Damon Albarn, would eventually have their own animated TV series. Hewlett says 10 episodes of the show, which will utilize 2-D animation, will be produced for 2018.

Hewlett, who says he will direct the first and last episodes of the initial run, sang the praises of 2D in a recent interview with Exclaim:

“I think it’s a beautiful style of animation. Everybody does CG now, and it is great when you’re making backgrounds, like environments and landscapes, but not the actual characters. I’m still very much inspired by the work of Chuck Jones, and I love that animation. It’s art.”

That said, Hewlett kept the possibility open that the characters, while in 2D, might be in other types of animated environments—including possibly mixed media/collage.

The show would tie-in with their recently released album Humanz; no word yet on where we can catch Gorillaz the animated series.

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