“Powerless” Co-Showrunner Confirms Cancellation (Sort Of), Gives Details On Last Episodes


Josh Halpern, co-showrunner on NBC’s Powerless, did an impromptu AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) on Reddit Wednesday night, sort of confirming the cancellation of the series & giving details on the final unaired episodes.

Spoilers for the Powerless finale ahead!

“I don’t know if it’s a ‘firm’ cancellation,” Halpern clarified. “Let’s call it a ‘semi’ cancellation.” And then, for comparison, he said something about Orlando Bloom’s nethers.

Halpern also suggested to the Powerless subreddit that perhaps the unaired episodes (2 more shot and edited) might be “burned off ” on Hulu, though he stressed that right now, it’s all “up in the air.”

An intriguing finale was described basically involving a crossover with the Superman mythos…including a “President Luthor” (not sure if Lex Luthor as president was ever mentioned on the series before):

“The finale (which may or may not air) actual had Wayne Security being purchased by Lexcorp and everyone moving there, including Van, when his family finally disowns him. And so in the next season, we wanted to have Van be out on his own for the first time, actually having to do shit for himself.”


“Wish you could have seen the finale. LexCorp and President Luthor try to destroy the earth and our guys stop them. We really went for it in the finale. I think we spent 5 episodes worth of our effects budget on it. MONEY IN THE TOILET, NOW, FOLKS”


a tender moment with Van Wayne in “Powerless”

Halpern also said that the character of Van Wayne (Alan Tudyk) was basically written as Donald Trump:

“Van was a really fun one to write for, but tricky, because you had to walk that fine line between ill-informed, and just plain stupid. Just plain stupid isn’t a good place to land for a Van joke. We basically just wrote him as Trump and had the rule of ‘If Trump would think it or say it, it’s not too stupid for Van.’ Unfortunately Trump is very very stupid and we had to raise the bar for Van’s character shortly after making that rule.”

But Halpern seems relatively chill about Powerless getting the axe…as much as he can be. As he answered one Redditor when asked about whether he was sad or mad about the Powerless most-likely cancellation, he answered,


Which is fair.

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