The Tick Gets Series Premiere Date From Amazon


Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick

The Amazon original series The Tick has just received a premiere date: August 25.

The show, based on the comic book created by Ben Edlund, revolves around mild-mannered Arthur (Griffin Newman) and his bombastic, super-powered friend known as (you guessed it) The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz). The pilot premiered last year as part of Amazon’s Pilot Season.

Having seen the pilot, I can tell you that there are significant differences between this version and The Tick’s previous comedic TV incarnation from 2001. In fact, if I even tell you what current “hot and edgy” series the pilot seemed to take its inspiration from, I kind of spoil at least the pilot. But in general, we’re talking a lot more of a “paranoid” psycho-analytical take on the story.


Griffin Newman and Serafinowicz in the “Tick” pilot (note the different costume).

But it should also be pointed out that it’s possible the show got retooled since Pilot Season. Certainly, the Tick costume has been changed for the series (the new version is at the top of this article).

At any rate, “Tick” creator Edlund is also executive producing the series—so I’m sure whichever direction it goes into, it’ll at least be true to his developing vision.

Below is the new promo spot from Amazon:

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