Is Powerless Getting Cancelled?


The superhero comedy Powerless was stealthily pulled from the NBC schedule yesterday, fueling speculation that the series might soon face cancellation. And recent comments on Twitter by the show’s executive producer haven’t been very reassuring.

Patrick Schumacker confirmed in a tweet that the show would not be airing anytime within the next two weeks, and that while he could guess the reasons why, “they’re not good.”

Powerless is set in the DC TV universe…kinda. It references Gotham City (the boss in the show, played by Alan Tudyk, is Bruce Wayne’s cousin). The more obscure characters from the DCU (the ones I guess rejected by Legends Of Tomorrow) appear, such as Crimson Fox, Green Fury, and Jack O’Lantern.

And it has a great opening credits sequence, utilizing classic DC Comics covers:

But outside of that, I always had the impression that Powerless was “lost” in the NBC schedule—cut off from both the CW’s robust lineup and Gotham at FOX.

As for the show itself, I think it was amusing but not super-fantastic. It was “OK.” I thought Vanessa Hudgens was cool & Tudyk is always interesting, but the supporting characters were just too weak to hold the series up. I mean, I love Danny Pudi, but he is just really wasted on this show.

Now, could the CW pull a Supergirl and bring Powerless into their fold? Possibly. But is it worth it at this point? I think unless the series gets more integrated into the wider DC TV universe, it’s just going to “float” out there.

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