New Titans TV Show Launching On DC Digital Platform


Well, the rest of the DCU is getting the live-action TV treatment, no reason to leave the Titans team out of the loop…

DC Digital announced today that it is launching a brand-new television series based on the popular Titans (or, if you are from my era, “Teen Titans”) team—as well as a direct-to-consumer streaming service to offer the show on. Titans will be helmed by Greg Berlanti (the man behind the CW shows Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash), Akiva Goldsman (writer/producer of many DC movie adaptations), and DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns.

Also announced was the long-awaited return of the cult animated series Young Justice, revived as Young Justice: Outsiders (which is kinda a way where you can get both the “Young Justice” and “Outsiders” brands in there). Teen Titans Go!’s Sam Register is executive producing.

There was a Titans pilot ordered in 2014 for TNT, but that sort of went nowhere. It sounds like everybody’s a lot more sure about the show this time around. Ditto for Young Justice, whose second season ended in 2013 & sparked a fan campaign to bring it back. Both shows are set to launch on the DC Digital platform in 2018, alongside comic book content and interactive fan activities.


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