Four Avatar Sequels Get Release Dates


You have to admire James Cameron—he’s really organized, sticks to a schedule, and has focused long-term goals!

On Saturday the official Avatar Facebook page announced the official release dates for a whopping 4 sequels to the 2009 film: Dec. 18, 2020; Dec. 17, 2021; Dec. 20, 2024; and Dec. 19, 2025. As you can immediately tell, they are all tied-in to Christmastime; 20th Century Fox is staking out their holiday real-estate early!

These movies, according to Cameron in the FB post, are just about to start filming—and will be filmed concurrently. So there’s going to be nothing about tons of Avatar stuff for him to work on for the next…5, 8 years?

This has become an “event”-oriented cinematic world—a world Avatar helped create almost ten years ago. So it makes sense that these films are being pushed now to re-dominate the box-office. But will they still be embraced by the public…or possibly even seem a little dated? We’ll know starting X-Mas 2020.

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