Is Jared Leto Hinting That His Joker Is Fighting Batman In The Movies Soon?


Oh Jared Leto, you are the Jared Letoest.

ScreenRant reports that Leto has just posted what appears to be a fan mockup of his Joker character from Suicide Squad holding a knife to Ben Affleck’s Batman’s throat. No caption accompanied the post, leading to speculation that perhaps the actor was teasing an upcoming scene in one of the upcoming DC movies.


One clue that might point in that direction is that, as ScreenRant points out, Leto has seemed notoriously not that enthusiastic about his experiences filming Suicide Squad, and has not done a heck of a lot of social media lately to refer to his Joker role (other than a shout-out for his “Best Villain” nom at the MTV Movie Awards).

So for him to suddenly start posting Photoshops of him not only beating up Batman but specifically the Affleck Batman…I honestly think this dude got a call or looked at a script or something and he knows he’s going to be in an upcoming DC movie.

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