Dear Lord There Are 14 More Transformers Movie Stories Already Written


I’ve seen and heard it all, so rarely do I do a “spit-take” on reading a certain bit of movie news. And yet this headline from IGN  made me choke on my coffee: “Stories For 14 More Transformers Films Already Written, Says Michael Bay”

When recently asked by MTV if there were any another Transformers spinoffs being planned other than the upcoming Bumblebee solo movie, Bay replied:

“There are 14 stories written, and there’s good stuff. I would like to do one of them, though.”

Discussing this with friends, some pointed out that there are probably 14 different treatments or perhaps even first drafts of scripts that have been written; not necessarily 14 more Transformers films being planned.

That sounds reasonable to me, but I do have to point out that when Bay said “14 stories written” in the interview video, he was holding up his arms over his head in a manner possibly denoting that there were indeed 14 more separate films based on the classic 80’s toy line in the works.

I kid because I love, as I’m actually a fan of these films…sort of. There is a sort of over-the-top, operatic insanity to the Bay Transformers universe that is never boring, and strangely earnest.

In the same interview, Bay was asked if he would try to lure Shia LaBeouf for a cameo (as has been rumored) in the next Transformers movie. Bay’s responded, with a smile:

“Yeah maybe, we’ll see. You never know.”