Joss Whedon Put The Batgirl Movie On The WB Slate Himself


When news broke that Joss Whedon was going to helm a Batgirl movie, my first thought was: “Warner Bros is making a Batgirl movie?” Because I just didn’t remember the Batman heroine being on the list of DC superhero movies the WB have planned through 2020.

But now it appears that Whedon apparently put Batgirl on the DCU movie slate himself. He recently told EW:

“We weren’t even talking about Batgirl – it came up as part of another conversation and then we all got so excited that the movie suddenly appeared. So that’s a really good sign to me. It wasn’t a slot they were trying to fill. We all just started talking about her and then I couldn’t stop. So, that’s a good feeling.”

But I have to imagine that Warner Bros were so jazzed to have Whedon—who built the Avengers movie franchise for Marvel—on board to do superhero movies for them, they would have green-lit the Ambush Bug movie.

Furthermore, let’s remember that waaaaaay back in 2007, Whedon was scheduled to make the Wonder Woman movie—which fell apart in a somewhat awkward way. That eventually led to the writer/director going to Marvel Studios (and the rest, as they say, is history).

It’s ten years later and Wonder Woman is finally set to hit the big screen—sans Whedon. But maybe it’s all fate and Batgirl was really the property he was meant to lend his Whedony magic to!

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