Thoughts On Leaked Trailer for SyFy’s “Krypton” Series


A promotional trailer (but aren’t all trailers promotional, really?) for SyFy’s possible new series based on Superman’s grandfather, Krypton, hit the Internet yesterday. And, just as quickly as it was brought to us, it was apparently yanked off said Internet, leading me to believe this was some sort of leaked material possibly not meant yet for mass consumption (the fact that it was on Vimeo was a big clue in that direction, no offense Vimeo).

Krypton has been in development since 2014, a joint project between SyFy and Man Of Steel’s David S. Goyer. The series was supposed to be far more Gotham than Smallville in tone, not just being a little bit “Before Superman” but a whole heck of a lot; immersed in Krypton worldbuilding and the House of El mythology.


And this lack of “CW-ness” was very evident in the trailer, which focused on Jor-El’s father-to-be Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) and a lot of palace intrigue in the Game Of Thrones mold (the fact that GoT actor Ian McElhinney plays Seg-El’s own grandpa sort of adds that overall feeling).

But I hesitate to describe what I saw of Krypton so far as being in that GoT mold specifically, because instead I get more of a weird 1970’s sci-fi vibe from the entire proceedings. I point to “multi-face guy” in one shot:


That is a CLASSIC 1970s science-fiction aesthetic. That guy could have practically walked off the set of Star Trek: The Motion Picture or the original Battlestar Galactica. There is a Mego action figure of that guy being made somewhere, you just know it.

But when you think how a lot of what the public remembers of Krypton comes from the 1978 movie Superman…makes sense things would go more retro in that direction, right?

And so to wrap up: some intriguing stuff, but will it ever be fully developed into a SyFy TV series? Giving the possible timing to launch such a show, with Justice League set to arrive in theaters in November…it’s soon or never.

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