The New Doctor Who MIGHT Be Kris Marshall (But It Is Only A Rumor!!!)


OK, let’s take this all with a heavy grain of salt considering the source—but rumor has it that the actor to play Doctor Who following Peter Capaldi’s exit has already been chosen.

Mirror Online cites “a show insider” who declares the new Doctor Who will be played by Love Actually star Kris Marshall. Marshall has recently left his TV series Death In Paradise, so this might be a convenient time for him to join the sci-fi series as the title character.

Marshall’s rep gave a “no comment” to Mirror Online, and a BBC spokesperson told them: “No casting decisions have yet been made on series 11.” Capaldi recently confirmed on The Graham Norton Show that he has just filmed his “death scene” as this current incarnation as the Doctor.


Peter Capaldi is set to end his run on the show.

This type of fast-and-furious casting speculation happens EVERY TIME (every. damn. time) the role of Doctor Who is up for grabs, so again—this could be nothing more than hearsay, or even some sort of bizarre “market testing” by the BBC to see which potential actor fans might grok to more.

The Telegraph reports that some fans are already bitching about the totally-not-confirmed casting choice—please be advised that this too happens EVERY DAMN TIME the role of the Doctor is open.

As for my take, I have no problem with Marshall, but this is still, at this point, a sketchy rumor…


rumored is that “Doctor Whos” are looking for another “David Tennant” type

HOWEVER: there is a part of that Mirror Online “exclusive insider info” that does ring very true to me: that the producers are looking for another David Tennant type. Capaldi has done a fine job as The Doctor, but it’s most likely that they are going to go the “quirky young (but not too young) heart-throb” route again.

The 10th season of Doctor Who just premiered April 15.


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