Does The CW Superman Overshadow The Movie Version?

Tyler Hoechlin and Henry Cavill

News that Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman would be returning to Supergirl for its season two finale has given fans reason to rejoice. Hoechlin’s version of the character, regardless of only appearing for two episodes, has proven to be extremely popular.

But where does this leave the cinematic Man of Steel?

Henry Cavill’s Superman—or, more properly, Zack Snyder’s Superman—has been compared by some fans to Hoechlin’s in an unfavorable light. The argument goes, the CW Superman embodies all the qualities Superman “should” have: a kindler, gentler, more “smilingly” Superman.


In contrast, Cavill’s Superman—or, more properly, Zack Snyder’s Superman—is somewhat more dour, conflicted, and even dark.

With the Justice League movie coming out soon, there is a larger question if not only Superman but the Flash might be “overshadowed” by their popular television counterparts. Is there room for two versions of these characters on both the small and large screens? Or will different versions at the same time be too confusing for the public, forcing them to “choose” a favorite?

We’ll find out in November when Justice League hits theaters!