Watchmen Animated Movie Planned, Perhaps


Look—let me start this by saying that I really liked the Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. There are times I wish Snyder never made the Superman films so people could more properly remember him for that kick-ass Watchmen movie. I’m not saying Watchmen was a perfect film, but it was pretty damn interesting & entertaining in my book.

That said, the news that Warners Animation is quite possibly planning some sort of adaptation of Alan Moore’s famous graphic novel is intriguing.

FilmBuffOnline points to a screengrab of an online marketing survey that basically gives the plot to the entire Watchmen story and then asks whether people would be interested buying a DVD of it. So while there is no solid confirmation that this movie is being planned…it could happen.

Now is the time to remind you that there were already a few Watchmen cartoons—OK, “motion comics”—that came out in 2008. There was a whole series of them, in fact. How would this new project be different, other than not looking like those old barely-animated Iron Man cartoons from the 1960s? And how would the project stand out from Snyder’s Watchmen?

Of course…it might not be an adaptation of the actual graphic novel at all. Maybe…it’s another one of those “Before/After” Watchmen thingies.

Whatever the case, you just know that interviewers will be standing in line to ask Moore how horrified he his at the proceedings.

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