Shia’s War


Avant-garde artist Shia LaBeouf went off on a rant against “fucking nerds” who “can’t get any women” during a livestreamed art project in a Helsinki museum. The outburst, which was communicated in text & then shown on the livestream screen, was prompted by some young people who apparently tracked LaBeouf’s appearance at the museum via the Finnish version of 4chan & subsequently trolled him.


To make things just a little bit more bizarre: the actor, who is currently living for a month in a secluded Lapland cabin for his #ALONETOGETHER project & played a fake nerd in the Transformers movie franchise, apparently lifted the messages verbatim from the Twitter account of a person who identifies as a Furry.

Commented Colin Spacetwinks on the purloined tweets:

“shia labeouf steals my tweets about fascism within nerd spaces” sure is a hell of a thing to happen in 2017

Is LaBeouf a mad genius? Is this really his world and we are all just living in it? Have we all been trolled by LaBeouf ever since he appeared as Mutt in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

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