James Franco: From Oscar Front-Runner To Snubbed In Only Two Weeks


Tommy Wiseau: I did not hit her. It’s not true. It’s bullshit! I did not hit her. I did not.
[throws water bottle on the ground]
Tommy Wiseau: Oh, hi Mark.
–“The Disaster Artist”

Folks, Hollywood is an incredibly fickle business. Nowhere has this been more obvious than in actor James Franco’s ascent from Oscar frontrunner, hot off his win for Best Actor at the Golden Globes on January 7, to his snubbing by the Academy today.

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The One Where Richard Nixon Showed Jackie Gleason Aliens

I have never seen a flying saucer anywhere personally but have read published flying saucer literature. Most of this literature is ridiculous, but amongst the trash there are some undeniable points that can not be refuted even by the United States Government.
—Jackie Gleason

You might know Jackie Gleason from the classic 1950s TV sitcom The Honeymooners—but apparently he was also quite the UFO aficionado. Amassing a collection of over 1,700 books on the paranormal and flying saucers, Gleason even built an impressive UFO-shaped home in Peekskill New York that he called “The Mothership.” Continue reading

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Twin Peaks Tarot Cards


I remember seeing this tarot card art based on Twin Peaks for a while now—but apparently an entire deck has been completed, including both Major and Minor Arcana.

The quality of “novelty” or “themed” tarot decks really vary for me, but this deck by artist Benjamin Mackey is a pretty impressive work. Certainly, part of that is the way his art blends in with that of the original Rider-Waite deck—but also a lot of thought obviously was put in here in terms of how various elements from Twin Peaks resonated esoterically with the various tarot symbols and meanings.

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Movie Notes: The Boss Baby


Boss Baby: I’m on a mission from above.
Tim: Huh? Are you the baby Jesus?!
–“The Boss Baby”

The Boss Baby is an enjoyable movie for the most part; certainly not on the level of something like The Incredibles, but fast-paced, often funny, and with decent animation.

But the central premise of the film—that a “fake” baby with an adult soul was sent down from heaven to prevent a conspiracy against humanity—gets into certified religious territory.

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The Incredibly Sadistic Wilkins Coffee Ads Of Jim Henson

So here are crude prototypes of Muppets Kermit the Frog and “Telly” (remember Telly?) hawking Wilkins Coffee from 1957-1961. The ads are mostly some variation of the sad-sack Telly character (Wontkins) saying he doesn’t want the coffee, and the Kermit character (Wilkins, of course) maiming and/or killing him.

That’s it.

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Justin Timberlake’s “Supplies” Video Has Killed “Conspiracy Culture” Forever


You know: “Conspiracy Culture.” That’s a mainstream version of online “fringe” culture, with talk of secret societies, evil all-seeing eyes, some aliens, some gentle touches of flat earth theory, and so on and so on.

Pop-star Justin Timberlake’s video for his new song “Supplies” is chock full of this “Conspiracy Culture” symbolism. And reduced to its most basic, commercial, heavy-handed elements…this symbolism has now effectively been neutered and rendered safe for perhaps an “Illuminati Barbie” or “Conspiracy Pyramid Balloon” at the next Thanksgiving Parade.

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Heath Ledger: A Journey In Synchronicity


It’s the anniversary of actor Heath Ledger’s passing today—here is a list of strange coincidences, connections, and resonances related to the actor and one of his most famous roles.

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